energy - efficient.


During the design of our infrared heaters, every non-essential element was omitted. The result is puristic infrared heating using storage units.

design diversity

You pick out the colour of your wall panel from a huge selection of standard designs. Moreover, direct UV and 3D water transfer printing mean that absolute freedom and individual choice are available with regard to design, and it is also possible to print over the panel edges.

solid concrete heat storage unit

Concrete offers excellent heat storage. Moreover, as opposed to other building materials such as metal, glass or mirror surfaces, it is more energy-efficient and available in a variety of forms.

intelligent heating mats

Integrated heating mats transfer warmth to the concrete heat storage unit. Therefore, attractive warmth is maintained even when no electrical current is flowing into the heating system.

flexible wall mounting

Thanks to their simple, carefully designed universal mounting, whether on a wall or ceiling, every HELIOLITH panel can be quickly installed and ready for operation.


HELIOLITH – heating with infrared warmth

HELIOLITH – pleasantly warm like the sun. Did you know that ~50% of the sun’s rays are infrared? In fact, this is the reason why heating with infrared warmth is perceived as especially enjoyable.

Infrared - physical

The infrared heat from the sun is in a radiation range that creates a feeling of pleasurable warmth. Therefore, in everyday conversation infrared radiation is frequently referred to as radiated heat. In physical terms, infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye and lies below the red end of the spectrum (L. infra beneath).

Infrared- practical

Infrared radiation warms the objects and bodies in a room. Consequently, walls, floors and furniture become additional heat stores. This reduces swirls of dust and is perceived as particularly pleasant on the body. This sensation is already felt at an air temperature of 18 °C and a room temperature of 21°C and thus energy costs are reduced (~5 % saving/°C).

HELIOLITH in an infrared heating comparison

With HELIOLITH cosy warmth is guaranteed. In fact, thanks to around 40% radiated heat in the infrared range and roughly 60% convective heat, heating with HELIOLITH creates a particularly pleasant feeling.

Temperature control

without a room thermostat

When the heat storage unit in a heating panel attains the upper core temperature, the integrated thermostat turns off the electrical current. However, during this electricity-free phase, the cast mineral heat storage unit continues to emit heat. Once the bottom core temperature is reached, the panel switches back to electrical power. This heating cycle guarantees energy efficiency.

with a room thermostat

If the temperature set by the room thermostat is reached, the HELIOLITH heating panel shuts down its electricity supply. Nonetheless, the heat storage unit continues to radiate warmth into the room. This creates an extremely pleasant atmosphere and also saves electricity costs. Indeed, it is this combination of and electricity-free phase and simultaneous warmth emission that makes the HELIOLITH heating system so popular.