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The optimiser

My mission

During my lengthy career in purchasing, quality and project management, and production for international companies, I repeatedly came across projects with enormous potential. However, from a technical perspective these did not always offer optimum utilisation.

This was also the case during my employment at a leading manufacturer of heating technology in the infrared segment, where as a result of my optimising mindset, I designed the unique HELIOLITH infrared heating system.

My intention with HELIOLITH is to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and quite literally do people good with products that have been carefully considered in every detail.



As a convinced optimiser and idea provider, within a global partner network I develop solutions aimed at the realisation of products and projects, which offer maximum benefits.

In concrete terms, I work for companies in the metals industry (plant and machinery production, steel construction) as a project and quality manager. I help these companies to achieve the more efficient and sustainable design of their products and processes.

With regard to HELIOLITH, as an optimiser I am currently using my experience and large-scale plant building and heating technology network, in order to create a heating product that will generate the greatest possible satisfaction in every respect.

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